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Article - Why healthcare professionals need yoga now more than ever

Exploring asana, meditation, and breath work just may be exactly what the doctor ordered to relieve stress..

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Informal Practice - Mindful Eating

Resting in the Midst of Busyness

Taking a mindful pause

This practice is something you can do at any time, whatever you are doing. It is about bringing a particular quality of kindness and acceptance into the moment, however you find it and whatever challenges is might hold.

Even it you can’t actually take a physical pause from what you are doing, such as washing your hands or walking to a patient, take a moment to pause whatever thoughts might be there, and allowing the mind to take a break. Resting in the breath. Just this one breath in, through the nose, long and deep, filling the lungs with air. Resting in the fullness of the lungs. And just this one breath out, slowly through the mouth, gently allowing the lungs to deflate. Resting in the emptiness of the lungs. And then, from this place of rest, allowing the breath to breathe itself, the lungs filling with air all on their own, without any effort on your part. And when they are filled to capacity, allowing them effortlessly to deflate, all on their own.

Might it be possible to bring this same curiosity, this same willingness to explore, to other routine experiences during your day: a cup of tea or coffee, your usual dinner; or something not related to food, like the sense of sun or wind your skin, or soap and warm water on your hands …


Poem - The Guest House

mschcp offering week 1 poem for courage odonahue


Formal Practices

Here are short mindfulness practices for you to try: simply bringing your attention to the present moment and seeing if you can meet whatever is here for you with a kind and open heart.

Don’t worry that your mind wanders! This is completely natural – it’s what minds do. Just taking a moment to notice where it has been, and then very gently guiding your attention back to the breath … again and again.

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