HealthCare Workers Care Network

Healthcare workers are exhausted, stressed, and at high risk for physical and mental illness as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll in South Africa. Top South African medical, clinical, and professional associations are collaborating to bring much much-needed support and care to healthcare workers across the country.

The Healthcare Workers Care Network (HWCN) is a nationwide healthcare worker support network which offers all healthcare workers across the public and private sectors free support, pro bono therapy, resources, training and psychoeducation. The HWCN already has over 500 volunteer mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, GPs, registered counsellors, and social workers, who will provide help, intervention, and support to all healthcare workers. These include doctors, nurses, community healthcare workers, field workers, hospital or clinic personnel, including hospital laundry staff, and porters. 

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Healthcare Worker Care Network HWCN


24 hour Healthcare Workers Care Network Helpline
0800 21 21 21 or SMS 43001

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