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What is the Healthcare Workers Care Network?

Understanding the challenges Healthcare Workers experience during COVID19

COVID-19: Caring for Yourself During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Breathing Techniques to cope through a Panic Attack (Dr. Colinda Linde)

Breathwork Africa - Breath Awareness

Breathwork Africa - Box Breathing Technique

Breathwork Africa - 20 Connected Breaths Breathing Technique

Breathwork Africa - 1:2 Ratio Breathing Technique

Coping with stress associated with COVID19: advice to hospital staff

This message is from doctors, psychologists and researchers at the NHS Traumatic Stress Clinic in London, the UCL Institute of Mental Health and the COVID Trauma Response Working Group to all our colleagues in the National Health Service and all over the world affected by the coronavirus COVID19 pandemic.


Message of Hope

How Leaders can support their Team during COVID19

Caring for Yourself & Others During the COVID 19 Pandemic: Managing Healthcare Workers' Stress

What should you do if you have a Panic Attack while driving? (Dr. Colinda Linde)

M&G Dr. Reddy's – Covid-19 and Frontline workers

Dr. Antoinette Miric and Zamo Mbele

The online seminar unpacked the psychological effects of Covid-19 and the lockdown, with particular emphasis on the frontline workers, including health professionals, who daily face the danger of contracting the virus and of transmitting it to their families, and ways of dealing with the stress


Mental Practice for PPE

Tips on managing Coronavirus worries