This practice is not about the perfect shape or movement but focuses rather on the miracle of the body and its ability to move. Movement practice so succinctly offers up the opportunity to pay skilled attention to what’s arising in the body. It’s a synchronization of the mind and body, drawing awareness inwards towards sensations as they emanate within, imparting further expansion into PRESENCE; simply allowing the sensation of feeling into ‘here and now’ using the body as a point of entry. 

Mindful movement cultivates strength, balance and flexibility of the body and the mind. Research has shown that regular movement practices, especially the contemplative practice of mindful yoga, may lead towards improved response ability, better lung and heart functioning, stress reduction by calming the balance of the autonomic nervous system and better concentration, to name a few benefits. 

As a soft introduction to mindful movement, we begin by touching gently into the body by offering up small movement SNACKs. Giving yourself permission to STOP and take a pause from your usual busyness and coming to NOTICE the body as it moves, meeting your experience with ACCEPTANCE, CURIOSITY and KINDNESS, knowing that there is no required outcome but rather “a being with yourself” as you attune your awareness to your body moving. 

The practices may be accessible for you in between patients, during a tea or lunch break, whilst making a cup or tea or coffee or perhaps when you simply find or need a quiet moment and feel that moving your body mindfully is the nourishing thing to do. 

Please do take care when engaging in any movement practice, in order to avoid injury or discomfort. If the movement series we are offering up is not suitable for your body, then turning towards a different practice (formal or informal) that is supportive and pleasant for you. Keeping yourself safe and nurtured throughout these practices is important.

Moving and turning towards the body is an incredible resource for cultivating presence and releasing difficult, unpleasant experiences, especially during times of fear and uncertainty. Giving yourself PERMISSION to simply notice sensations, emotions and thoughts as they arise can be liberating, especially with further exploration under the guidance of a qualified professional.

The body embodies its own innate ability to restore - may these small snacks be an offering of restoration for you.