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This script is intended to help you improve your ability to safely don and doff personal protective equipment by using mental practice. Mental practice involves rehearsing the steps of an action in your mind without physical movement and has been sucessfully used by high performers in many fields.

Neil Greenberg and colleagues set out measures that healthcare managers need to put in place to protect the mental health of healthcare staff having to make morally challenging decisions

This is an Australian guide developed by Margie Stutchberry and colleagues. It helps with understanding how emotional responses may change throughout the phases of the pandemic. It introduces concepts such as burn out, moral distress, isolation and connectedness.

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New research from King’s College London shows nearly half of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) staff are likely to meet the threshold for PTSD, severe anxiety or problem drinking during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This journal article describes the psychologial impact of quarantine. It is useful in understanding pateints, colleagues and self, if quarantine is required.

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This is a guide for leaders and managers of healthcare services who will need to consider the wellbeing needs of all healthcare staff (clinical and non-clinical) as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.