A Constructive Work Environment allows Happy Employees to Flourish in and improves Productivity.



The Employer and Employee are essential cogs in the fight against the current pandemic.

  • It is crucial that a harmonious and committed relationship exists between the two that can be nurtured in a healthy manner.
  • This relationship is nurtured by fostering communication and consultation, a willingness to compromise and to remain committed to one another.
  • Failure or an unwillingness on the either the part of the Employer or Employee will result in Work Morbidity and the onset of a vicious cycle as noted above.

The Role that the Employer needs to adopt:

  • Compromises are being asked of Employees and thus the Employer must be willing to show flexibility in a reasonable manner.
  • The lack of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the work environment is an issue that the Employer is responsible for.
  • The Employer has to be transparent with its Employees regarding the ongoing acquisition of PPE and the difficulties with this process.
  • Feedback will be greatly appreciated by Employees and may entail the use of notice boards within the work environment or the use of other media/communication platforms.
  • The Employer needs to highlight the importance that every Employee is playing in the current battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. This may entail the use of letters or other forms of communication regarding the appreciation that the Employer has for the dedication and work ethos that Employees are showing during this period.
  • The Employer has to engage with Management Structures within the work environment encouraging the use of positive feedback to Employees.
  • This feedback would entail thanking Employees for their work ethic before and after each shift. Discussion should also be encouraged to highlight issues within the shift that can be managed/resolved with other Employees.
  • The Employee must feel that the work environment despite its challenges is an environment which is dynamic and open to valuing feedback and catharsis.
  • The Employer has to ensure that Employees are aware of the various support structures that are available to them and the means in which to access them.

A Constructive Work Environment allows Happy Employees to Flourish in and improves Productivity.