Dear Doctor

Welcome to Discovery Healthy Company for Doctors

Discovery appreciates your selfless commitment during this global pandemic and the contribution you make to the people of this country. We aim to assist you through this challenging period by providing you with relevant support, educational material and tools.

Supporting your comprehensive wellness through Discovery Healthy Company for Doctors

Doctors are on the front line, caring for patients with confirmed or possible cases of COVID-19, and thus have an increased risk of exposure to the virus. Many doctors are also facing long working hours, extreme work pressure, fatigue, occupational burnout and psychological distress.

To proactively support the personal and financial wellness of South African doctors during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are giving all doctors access to Discovery Healthy Company for Doctors - at no cost. This is for all doctors in both the private and public sectors.

What is Discovery Healthy Company?

Discovery Healthy Company is a digitally enabled, comprehensive, fully integrated personal assistance programme. This programme focuses on the following four dimensions of wellbeing:

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Financial wellbeing
  • Legal support

We provide services on both a personal and small-business level, for those who may need it.

Benefits available to doctors

  • Proactive, relevant interventions from prevention and education to ongoing or episode management to assist in managing areas identified as at-risk across any of the four dimensions of wellbeing - physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and legal support (personal and small business). You get access to:
    - Legal and financial experts
    - Trauma counsellors
    - Registered psychologists and social workers.
  • Support and advice from a Healthy Company counselling coach in a private and confidential setting. They provide this service telephonically or through the live-chat functionality on the Discovery app or Discovery website.
  • Access to legal and financial experts, trauma counsellors, registered psychologists and social workers to assist with episodic or ongoing management for areas identified as at-risk including emotional distress, anxiety or trauma.
  • Online lifestyle management services, including a library of comprehensive educational material, assessments and tools to capture your mood and detect signs of emotional distress.

Confidentiality: Discovery Healthy Company treats all information totally confidentially. There is no data sharing between us and any other subsidiaries within the Discovery Group.

How to access this service

All doctors on Vitality Active Rewards for Doctors have immediate access to Discovery Healthy Company for Doctors and can simply activate the benefit on the Discovery app. If you do not have Vitality Active Rewards for Doctors, you can follow the registration process below.

How to register on the Discovery website and download the Discovery app

  • Step 1
    To use the app, you must be registered on the Discovery website first. If you are not yet registered on the Discovery website, you can register here.
  • Step 2
    Download the Discovery app from the App Store or Google Play. Remember to use the same username and password for the app as for the Discovery website.
  • Step 3
    Sign in to the app or website and access Discovery Healthy Company from your portfolio page. Complete the consent section to navigate your benefits.

For more information on your benefits on Discovery Healthy Company for Doctors, click here.

We look forward to supporting your wellbeing.

Regards, Dr Maurice Goodman
Chief Medical Officer,
Discovery Health

Discovery Healthy Company for Doctors