It is completely normal to feel stressed or overwhelmed during these uncertain times. Some normal emotions in response to the uncertainty may include anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, helplessness, discouragement, and feeling out of control.


In addition, some normal physical responses may include headaches, muscle tension, fatigue, sleep problems, and change in appetite or energy level. Here are some self-care tips recommended specifically for healthcare professionals. 


Safety Tips

  • Take breaks, eat nutritious food, get plenty of sleep and exercise
  • Avoid harmful behaviors such as: alcohol and/or substance abuse, gambling, or ignoring public health and safety recommendations
  • Use good judgment and social distancing
  • Stay connected with others through electronic means and phone calls

Calming Tips

  • Maintain your normal routine whenever possible
  • Identify something to look forward to
  • Use healthy personal distractions: music, exercise, cooking, and hobbies
  • Get outdoors for fresh air – follow social distance guidelines
  • Above all else, be gentle and kind with yourself and loved ones

Connecting Tips

  • Maintain your social connections with loved ones, supportive people, and friends through recommended safe means for contact such as electronic devices
  • Consider a check-in schedule with others to assure safety
  • Take advantage of the altered schedule to focus on your family and friends
  • Help others through blood donation, check in with elderly friends and neighbors, and take other steps to help the community
  • Acknowledge and appreciate what others are doing to help


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