A forthcoming documentary film reveals how frontline healthcare workers in South Africa are affected by toxic working conditions.


The investigative documentary, titled Behind the Frontline, exposes the discrimination, bullying, mistreatment, and harassment experienced by the country's health workers on a daily basis.

The documentary dives into how issues such as gender discrimination and racial bias impact the mental health of medical professionals, and the overall implications for South Africa's healthcare system.

The film's executive producer Dr. Adil Khan says he began collecting anecdotal stories from healthcare workers across the country in 2018.

When he decided to develop a documentary, Khan says many of his medical colleagues were reluctant to share their stories on camera because of fear of reprisal.

He says the documentary is not aimed at being accusatory. Rather, it seeks to highlight the struggles of healthcare professionals in an environment that often thrives on hierarchy and abuse.

Dr. Khan says the documentary provides an insight into how the quality of patient care is often affected by toxic working conditions.

We see first hand what these effects have on our colleagues... the most staggering is the mental health issues... in some cases leading to suicide.

Dr. Adil Khan, Executive Producer - Behind the Frontline

I've seen it with colleagues and friends at university. Probably the most shocking and notable revelation was the suicide of Professor Bongani Mayosi at UCT, but there were many others.

Dr. Adil Khan, Executive Producer - Behind the Frontline

There's a story to tell. There are systemic effects that are contributing to the mental health issues of our frontline healthcare workers... they also have an effect on the healthcare system as a whole.

Dr. Adil Khan, Executive Producer - Behind the Frontline

The documentary film will premier virtually on Wednesday 30 September at 6 pm. Click here to register online and secure your booking.



5 September 2020
by Qama Qukula

Article link:https://www.capetalk.co.za/articles/395377/doccie-film-behind-the-frontline-shows-toxic-workplace-culture-in-sa-hospitals